Stadiums can benefit from using Semita in many ways. To have the ability to inform all staff and the public of the emergency type and its location while also informing emergency services would help all staff to direct the public to safety.

Anyone within the stadium can activate an emergency, doing so will instantly inform emergency services, staff and any Semita account within the stadium of the emergency type, its location, the location of emergency equipment and exits. This information is displayed onto the stadiums mapping and will also provide their current location.

Key stadium accounts within will receive the same information, however they will see the location of every Semita account and have the ability to call/text individuals or a text all option is also available. The emergency services will also have access to the same information even before they arrive on scene, this will help them to navigate directly to those in need and potentially through buildings they have no prior knowledge of.

Communication and the passage of information is vital within any emergency situation, Semita achieves this on a larger scale than ever before.

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