Shopping Centres

Shopping centres today can cover large areas and often leave you disoriented, trying to navigate your way to safety in the event of an emergency can be difficult. The same applies for emergency services trying to get to those in need.

Anyone within the shopping centre can use Semita to activate an emergency, instantly everyone (all Semita accounts) will be informed of the emergency type and its location. This is displayed onto the shopping centres mapping that will also show their current location, the location and type of emergency, emergency equipment and exits.

Key shopping centre accounts will receive the same mapping, however they will see everyone within the shopping centre. Key accounts will also be able to call/text individuals or a text all option is also available. This information is also available to the emergency services who can use it to navigate through the shopping centre, see the location of people in need or to text or call those in an emergency. This information is available to them even before they arrive on site, but only in the event of an emergency.