Semita helps protect and assist family members, guests and on-site staff during an emergency.

How Semita helps at home

Semita residential accounts can send an emergency message, instantly informing every other Semita account within the residence of the type of emergency, its location and their location.

All Semita users in the household will receive mapping of the property, which is displayed onto a 2D visual of your residence. In comparison to public accounts, which only see their location and the location of the emergency, residential accounts will see every Semita account within their property in the event of an emergency. You also have the ability to text or call individuals, or a text all option is also available during an emergency.

You will be made aware of any public accounts with dependants, also see emergency services travel through the building if their location is shared and direct them remotely if required.

Traveller Friendly

Semita knows the language and number of the local emergency services, even if you don’t.

Family Friendly

Add details of children and other dependents who do not have smartphones, so that you and emergency services are aware of them.

Free To Use

Semita’s tracking and emergency service contact features are free to all of your customers.

Eye on Privacy

Semita only actively tracks and shares your location during an emergency once it is enabled. Your information is never shared or stored by Semita.

Semita Commercial Screenshots