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Semita is a free download for individuals.

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Safer with Semita

In an emergency...

Activating Semita in an emergency enables you to send an automatically translated message to the emergency number of the country you’re in, along with your location.

Send a quick message or a detailed message if there is time, using easy-to-follow drop-down menus.

You will also be automatically informed of any emergency and its location within your vicinity. While in a Semita-Protected area such as a hotel, airport, or shopping centre you will receive that location’s building plans where emergency exits and equipment will also be visible.

Emergency services and any on-site Semita caretakers within the emergency location will have a visual picture of the building and all Semita accounts within that building to locate and help you when you need it most. They also have the option to text/call if required.

Please note, SMS emergency services are not available in all countries, if this is the case accounts will only receive a call option. The correct emergency number for that country will automatically be provided. 

In Afghanistan emergency calls are only available in Kabul.

Instant Notification

When Semita is enabled, you will be instantly notifed of the emergency along with local contact numbers and plans of the building or complex.

Global Reach, Local Assistance

Semita works all over the world, but is designed to work for you, wherever you are.

Free and Paid Plans

Semita is free for individuals and for the emergency services. Upgrade plans are available for businesses.

Privacy by Design

Any details you submit with Semita will be held securely. We only share your location with the on-site Semita caretakers and emergency services in the case of a live emergency. Although they can text/call you, we do not display or share this information.


Semita can send automated messages to emergency services. Alerting key staff and other Semita accounts automatically of the emergency and its location.


Semita provides 2D imagery of your surroundings. This will include building plans that can help you navigate to safety while avoiding potential threats.


Semita shows emergency exits, emergency equipment,  the location and the type of emergency.


Semita shares your location with emergency services and key building staff, only in the event of an emergency. No other personal information is ever shared or stored by Semita.

Traveller Friendly

Semita knows the language and number of the local emergency services, even if you don’t.

Family Friendly

Add details of children and other dependents who do not have smartphones, so that emergency services are aware of them.

Free To Use

Semita’s tracking and emergency service contact features are free.

Eye on Privacy

Semita only actively tracks and shares your location during an emergency, once you have enabled it.

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