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Public accounts are free to use and are simple to install. Just download the app, fill in the basic information and as long as you have an internet connection, your location will be sent to key staff during an emergency. If you do not have an internet connection your last known location will be used.

You will be informed of an emergency within your area/building, recieving building plans with your location, the location and type of emergency, emergency exits and emergency equipment.

You will also be able to sound an emergency using a simple selection process. This can be sent within 10 seconds, alerting emergency services as soon as possible.

Another key feature is that you will be able to set your current location as the scene of the emergency, choose another location and then select an area or building and even room within that building from your mapping, or select a member from your contacts and their last known location will be used.

Travelling aboard, don’t worry Semita will translate your automated message and also send it to the correct number automatically.

Designed for residential properties, Semita helps protect and assist family members, guests, and any on-site staff during an emergency.

Once an emergency is activated, all Semita accounts within your property and emergency services will be notified. You can use the 2D visual of your residence to see the location of Semita users inside.

Set exit points around your property to be notifed when people leave, and if guests in your residence are Semita users, you’ll be informed of those with children or other dependencies so that you may communicate with them them to ensure everyone is safe.

You’ll be able to see emergency services travel through the building as their location is also shared, and direct them remotely if required.

A simple colour-coded system shows movement (or lack of movement) to help you see who is moving to safety or who may be stuck or in trouble.

Commercial accounts listed above are designed for any commercial building.

Schools, universities, hotels, shopping centers, office blocks, airports, stadiums and so much more can all utilise this amazing facility.

Key staff will have access to a unique version of Semita. This allows the user (once an emergency is active) to have a visual picture of the building and most importantly the location of all Semita accounts (customers) within that building.

Semita gives you the ability to inform every single employee of what the emergency is, and where it is.

The number of personnel within the building will be updated as they leave, you will be informed of people with children (or accompanied by people without smart phones) so that you can instantly text or call to ensure everyone is safe.

You will be able to see emergency services travel through the building as their location is also shared, and direct them remotely if required.

You are able to text or call individuals, text all public accounts, all commercial accounts or even text all Semita users within your building.

You will also be able to sound an emergency yourself, instantly informing all Semita accounts and emergency services of the situation. The call will be sent automatically to emergency services and an alarm sent to all Semita accounts.

You can then move to the home page and use the 2D visual of the building and the location of Semita users inside, a view of the building or floor levels is available.

You will also be able to see whether those users are moving, have been static for a short time or have been static for over a minute by our simple color coded system.

This app/program is revolutionary in aiding staff to deal with emergency situations.

The ability to see people potentially in need, but also to see where they are in relation to the emergency.

As with all of our accounts, all of your customer’s information is secure and their location only streamed live, NEVER stored/saved.

Emergency Services accounts will have access to all of the above information (only during an emergency/no information is stored). This enables emergency services to see who needs help, prioritise casualties, speak to and advise, along with being able to navigate through unknown buildings and or areas.

Semita is free to all emergency services