Imagine being able to inform all of your hotel guests, staff and emergency services of the type of emergency and its location all at the same time. Semita allows you to do this and so much more.

Any account within your hotel can activate an emergency, all guests, staff and emergency services will instantly be informed of the emergency type and its location. They will receive the buildings mapping which will include their current location, the location and type of the emergency, emergency equipment and emergency exits.

Key hotel staff will receive the same image of the buildings mapping, however they will also see the location of every Semita account/hotel guest within the building. Another great feature is that key account holders will also have the ability to call/text any individual within the hotel, the option to text all commercial accounts, all public accounts or both is also available. Be aware of customers with disabilities that may require assistance.

Guests with dependants will be made clear to commercial accounts as they leave so that you can ensure everyone is clear of the emergency. For more information please feel free to get in touch.