Emergency Services

Emergency services can see who needs help, prioritise casualties, communicate and see plans of Semita-enabled buildings areas.

Benefits to Emergency Services

Emergency Services can send out a Semita notifcation in order to make members of the public aware of an emergency within a geofenced area.

Call or send messages with Semita accounts who have requested assistance via the app, also obtain an overview of account locations within any emergency.

Group chats between different services responding to the emergency such as fire, ambulance and police can aide better communication and teamwork. Group chats for wider communication between the Emergency Services and members of the public, can also be enabled to help share important information.

Access to mapping and building plans of Semita-enabled locations improve navigation through potentially unknown buildings by receiving a visual representation of the layout.

Traveller Friendly

Semita knows the language and number of the local emergency services, even if you don’t.

Family Friendly

Add details of children and other dependents who do not have smartphones, so that emergency services are aware of them.

Free To Use

Semita’s tracking and emergency service contact features are free.

Eye on Privacy

Semita only actively tracks and shares your location during an emergency once you have enabled it.

Semita Emergency Services Screenshots