Commercial and Educational

Schools, universities, hotels, shopping centers, office blocks, airports, stadiums and more can all utilise Semita.

Commercial buildings are Safer with Semita

With Semita your business and your actions could save lives.

In the case of an emergency, use Semita to send out a message to emergency services and members of the public in seconds. Hundreds of Semita public accounts could receive immediate notification of the emergency details and location, along with building mapping information to aid a quick escape.

When an emergency has been activated, see a live map of public Semita users in your building to help you evacuate your building and to help the emergency services. Text or call members of the public via the app, or send out notifcation-style updates to every Semita users in the vicinity.

Be a part of the Semita network today.

Traveller Friendly

Semita knows the language and number of the local emergency services, even if you don’t.

Family Friendly

Add details of children and other dependents who do not have smartphones, so that you and emergency services are aware of them.

Free To Use

Semita’s tracking and emergency service contact features are free to all of your customers.

Eye on Privacy

Semita only actively tracks and shares your location during an emergency once it is enabled. Your information is never shared or stored by Semita.

Semita Commercial Screenshots