Airports can utilise Semita to help customers and staff during an emergency. Any Semita account can activate an emergency, instantly informing all accounts and emergency services of the emergency type, its location, emergency equipment and exits. This information will be displayed onto the airports mapping which will also show their current location.

Rather than a audible alarm your customers will receive mapping of the building that will show their current location, the type of emergency and the location of the emergency. Customers that do not have Semita are likely to be close to one of your many airport staff members who have this vital information and can better advise during an emergency.

The majority of airport staff will receive the above information while key airport accounts will be able to see the location of every Semita account within the airport. They will also have the option to call/text individuals or a text all option is also available. This information is also available to responding emergency services, even before they arrive on scene. Helping them to find those in need of help and also to navigate through potentially unknown buildings.

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