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Semita is an emergency app designed to help you and first responders when you need it most. 

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Semita’s purpose is to give you the fastest possible warning of an emergency in your vicinity, while giving you vital information when you need it most. Instantly inform emergency services, inform staff of Semita-enabled buildings, be informed of emergencies in your vicinity, receive mapping of Semita enabled buildings, and more, all with Semita.

Call for Help

Semita knows the language and emergency number of the country you are in, even if you don’t.

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Be Informed

Receive updates of emergencies within your vicinity and view detailed building plans of Semita-enabled buildings.

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Get Help, Be Found

Semita notifies you of emergencies in your vicinity. After confirming your location, gain instant access to building mapping showing your current location, the emergency type and location of the emergency to help you navigate quickly to safety. Semita-enabled staff and emergency response services will be able to contact you directly through the app.

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Semita offers additional premium services for residential, commercial, and emergency services.


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Emergency Services

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