Semita COVID-19

Semita are pleased to announce the launch of our COVID-19 app.

Semita have developed a mobile app to help gather vital information (with the help of account holders) regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. This information will be shared with other Semita accounts to help keep you informed while also informing those around you.

Passage of information is key and with Semita's new mobile app you can add your details, circumstances and potentially help minimise the impact of the Coronavirus. Inform those around you if you have symptoms and help protect those that do not or may be high risk. Inform others if you are self isolating, not self isolating, all this and more is achieved through the Semita app.

The information gathered is used to help protect both you and those around you, it could also be passed onto the government and health officials if required to help limit the spread and help save lives.